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Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

VWL VI: Chair of Empirical Economics – Prof. Dr. Mario Larch

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Number Sem. Hours Type Name Lecturer

Course Overview

The course overview may vary for one semester. Please take into account the particular term for further information.

CoursesWinter semesterSummer semester
Empirical Economics I (in German)noyes
Empirical Economics IIyesno
Empirical Economics IIIyesno
Empirical Economics IVyesno
Globalization of the economies and the environmentnoyes
Main empirical seminaryesyes
Introduction to empirical methodsyesno
Ecnomic methods and procedures (in German)nono
Seminar for bachelor, master and PH.D. studentsyesyes
Research seminar (in turns with other chairs)yesyes
Graduate seminar (in turns with other chairs) yesyes

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