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VWL VI: Chair of Empirical Economics – Prof. Dr. Mario Larch

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Larch, Mario; Lechthaler, Wolfgang
Buy National and the Business Cycle
in Macroeconomic Dynamics (2015)
doi:10.1017/S1365100514000790 ...

Bergstrand, Jeffrey H.; Egger, Peter; Larch, Mario
Economic Determinants of the Timing of Preferential Trade Agreement Formations and Enlargements
in Economic Inquiry (2015)
doi:10.1111/ecin.12241 ...

Bergstrand, Jeffrey H.; Larch, Mario; Yotov, Yoto V.
Economic integration agreements, border effects, and distance elasticities in the gravity equation
in European Economic Review vol. 78 (2015) . - pp. 307-327
doi:10.1016/j.euroecorev.2015.06.003 ...

Larch, Mario; Norbäck, Pehr-Johan; Sirries, Steffen; Urban, Dieter
Heterogeneous Firms, Globalisation and the Distance Puzzle
in The World Economy (2015)
doi:10.1111/twec.12303 ...

Felbermayr, Gabriel; Larch, Mario; Lechthaler, Wolfgang
Labor-Market Institutions and their Impact on Trade Partners: A Quantitative Analysis
in Canadian Journal of Economics (2015)

Heid, Benedikt; Felbermayr, Gabriel; Larch, Mario; Yalcin, Erdal
Macroeconomic Potentials of Transatlantic Free Trade : a High Resolution Perspective for Europe and the World
in Economic Policy vol. 30 (2015) issue 83. - pp. 491-537
doi:10.1093/epolic/eiv009 ...

Defever, Fabrice; Heid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario
Spatial Exporters
in Journal of International Economics vol. 95 (2015) issue 1. - pp. 145-156
doi:10.1016/j.jinteco.2014.11.006 ...

Benz, Sebastian; Larch, Mario; Zimmer, Markus
Trade in Ideas: Outsourcing and Knowledge Spillovers
in International Economics and Economic Policy vol. 12 (2015) issue 2. - pp. 221-237
doi:10.1007/s10368-014-0271-1 ...

Felbermayr, Gabriel; Jung, Benjamin; Larch, Mario
The Welfare Consequences of Import Tariffs: a Quantitative Perspective
in Journal of International Economics (2015)
doi:10.1016/j.jinteco.2015.05.002 ...

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