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VWL VI: Chair of Empirical Economics – Prof. Dr. Mario Larch

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Most recent version of STATA is now available

19 May 2014

Stata 13 has been installed in both PC‐labs S56 and S60 in RW‐I

Modern societies are becoming more and more information‐based. Demand on labor markets clearly
reflects this transition. Be it in companies or research institutions, employers increasingly require
graduates to have an extensive knowledge of data analysis and statistics. Whether you are applying as a
position as a computer scientist, biologist, economist or business administrator, skills in data analysis are
a must‐have!

Adapting to this changing labor market demand, the Chair of Economics VI: Empirical Economics of Prof.
Dr. Mario Larch has developed a new teaching concept which combines theory and practice successfully.
In the field of data analysis, the software package STATA is one of the most frequently applied statistical
programs and is available to all students at the University of Bayreuth since summer 2013. An introduction
to STATA and advanced methods in data preparation, data analysis, and econometric modelling are taught
in various courses of the chair (EWF I, EWF II, Empirical Problems of Globalization, Advanced Seminar EWF).

In winter term 2013/2014, the University of Bayreuth obtained additional funding due to the double intake
of school leavers due to educational reforms in Bavaria. These financial means were granted in order to
improve study conditions for students. Thanks to the initiative of Prof. Dr. Mario Larch and the Faculty of
Economics, Business Administration, and Law, part of this money could be used in order to update the
existing STATA software to the most recent version available (STATA 13.1). This version offers additional
improvements in the field of reading in raw data, rolling window and recursive estimation with time‐series
data, modeling of generalized structural equation models, exporting regression results into various data
formats, and documentation of the software.

The Chair of Economics VI: Empirical Economics and the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration,
and Law are permanently trying to improve the study environment at the University of Bayreuth. Students
should study under the best conditions possible in order to achieve a great success in their future career.
So far feedback of students, who were working with STATA in the courses offered by the chair, was
extremely positive. Having updated STATA to the most recent version, we are confident to meet demands
of our students once again.

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