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Information about the recognition of credits received abroad

The Chair of Economics VI can accept the recognition of credits if certain criteria are fulfilled:

Requirement of recognition

  • The content as well as the level of the course taught abroad needs to be comparable with one of the courses taught by the chair of Economics VWL VI. Hence, it must be shown that there exists a considerable overlap in terms of content.
  • The chosen course abroad needs to provide the same or more workload (hours per week) as a similar course in Bayreuth.
  • Courses will only be recognized if students either took an exam or had to write a seminar paper. Only courses with graded exams or graded seminar papers can be recognized. A certificate of participation without examination or term paper will not be recognized. Oral examinations will only be accepted in exceptional cases.
  • The grade of the exam/term paper needs to be D or higher (ausreichend). If the grading system is different from the one used at the University of Bayreuth, the grade has to be such that the exam/term paper is at least equivalent to having passed the exam/term paper. In such a case, information about the grading system needs to be provided.

Procedure of recognition

After your return from another university the filled out learning agreement needs to be handed in to the secretary of the chair VWL VI. We strongly advise you to contact the chair about your choice of courses before you go abroad..

Documents to hand in

  • Filled out form (learning agreement, linked below)
  • Proof of achievement (original document and copy, needs to include the title of the course, the number of hours per week, grade, duration of examination) 
  • Information about the used grading system
  • Reference of the course on a website or, preferably,document providing information about the professor, content and structure of the course
  • A copy of the term paper

Download the learning agreement here.

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