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Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

VWL VI: Chair of Empirical Economics – Prof. Dr. Mario Larch

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Information about exams

General information

Old exams

Old exams can be found in the course "VWL VI: Old Exams" of the current semester on the e-learning-server. 

Study and examination regulations

The study and examination regulations can be found here.

Exam dates

Here you can find an overview of bachelor and master exam dates.

Before the exam

Academic Affairs

Current information about academic affairs (e.g. withdrawing from an exam due to illness) can be found here.

Preliminary correction

In generall there is no right of a preliminary correction. In justified cases we are willing to inform you about your result earlier (whether you passed the exam or not).

The application for preliminary correction has to be handed in as a written form at our chair (in personal, by mail or by e-mail) at least two weeks before the exam takes plase. Please enclose the reason and if possible receipts, that reveal why you can't wait the normal period of correction. You can download the application here:
Application for preliminary correction (german)

Please also write on the first page of your exam "preliminary correction". You'll get informed about the result as soon as the exam is corrected.

Writing time extension

Please hand in an apllication for writing time extension including a spezialist medical report at our chair. The application will be given to the examination board for approval.

After the exam

Publishing of exam results

The publishing of exam results will be only done by examination office. Please do not contact our chair.

Exam review

The date will be determined and published by the examination office. Please do not contact our chair.


For a re-evaluation of your exam you need to file an application in written form including a detailed explanation (wrong grading with regards to content, wrong addition of points, non-graded parts). It must be handed in at the examination office within one week after the official post-exam review.

Note: In the context of a re-evaluation it is possible that initial evaluations are revised to the disadvantage of the student as the complete exam is re-evaluated.. 

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